Exit Through The Polish Shop
Exit Through The Polish Shop

2016 decided the British nation (even if just with a narrow majority) to leave the European Union. The date was agreed, it should have happened in the end of March 2019. In reaction to it London organises the Borough of Culture, an event inspired by the European Capital of Culture. As part of it the polish artists duo gets an invitation to Walthamstow to talk about Brexit from their perspective. There is just one thing: the Brexit date is postponed and then it is postponed again, and then even more. So finally it happens just after their premiere. However the story they discover in the meantime is waiting for them just in front of a Polish shop „Cold cuts“, which, as quickly becomes apparent, could be part of the Brexit story as well.

by and with: Turkowski & Nowacka 

video:  Iwona Nowacka, Adam Ptaszyński, Janek Turkowski

on screen: Karol Ciura, Michal Novosad, Piotr Ratuszniak, Ewa Delmasto and many others  


The first version was created in the frame of Waltham Forest Tours, curated by William Galinsky as part of London Borough of Culture 

Premiere of a new version coming soon 



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